Customer Testimonals
"Turnout Uniforms is the only place I go whether it's for police,fire or EMS. The upbeat and knowledgeable staff is always there to help, either checking prices or finding the right size needed. Their knowledge is second to none. From Embroidering to hemming they always gets done right the first time. If your going for socks or a hat or anything in between they have what your looking for. Great place and excellent service." -Jerry of Newark Police Department
"️️Awesome store and staff. Need new police uniforms , head over!" -Val, Retired Police Officer

"Can't say how happy I was with the service I got from turnout incredible. The staff was very helpful. They had everything I needed. I continue to use them personally and professionally" -Nick, Volunteer Firefighter

"Turn Out is the best place to go for all First Responders. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and there to make sure you get what you need when you go there. Joe and his staff are hands down the best in the business" -Brett, Firefighter

"I have been going for years now. Using them for both volunteer and professional needs. From time to time it can get really busy in there, but the staff has always done their absolute best in getting to everyone as quickly as possible. I have worked with a number of sales representatives and each of them has been professional and dedicated to providing an positive experience. The few times there was a mistake it was identified and rectified in a timely manner. I recommend. In addition the few times I came to them with the last minute stuff they always came through. I recommend. Stay safe" Justin, Police Officer